V-Ray 3.0 for Maya Beta Program
Thursday, 17 April 2014 08:05


The V-Ray 3.0 for Maya Beta program is now officially open to all commercial users of V-Ray for Maya.

Customers who purchase a new V-Ray 2.0 for Maya commercial license between 20 February 2014 and the date of the V-Ray 3.0 for Maya official release will be eligible for a free upgrade to V-Ray 3.0 for Maya. They will receive 1 V-Ray 3.0 Workstation license and 2 Render Node licenses!


A new Progressive Rendering Engine, support for several open source technologies, plus up to 5x faster ray tracing and rendering performance are some of the features included in the initial round of enhancements.

The new website is updated with information about all the new features and improvements.

Autodesk M&E 2015 3D releases - Now Shipping
Tuesday, 15 April 2014 18:44

Discover innovative new technologies, accelerated performance, streamlined workflows, user-requested features and updates to the core feature sets in the latest Autodesk Media & Entertainment releases. Simplify the way you work and get results faster with Autodesk 3D modeling and animation solutions. The following software is now available:

Download from Subscription Center

Download a 30-day trial

If you own a network/floating license please note that the 2015 versions require version 11.12 of the Autodesk Network License Manager.

Autodesk Subscription Rebranding
Monday, 14 April 2014 09:02

Autodesk has rebranded their Subscription offerings. "Autodesk Subscription" is no longer the name of the software maintenance program offered by Autodesk; it is now the brand name for all of the Subscription offerings provided by Autodesk, including the following options:


  • Maintenance Subscription is the subscription offering previously referred to as the Autodesk Subscription program related to Autodesk perpetual software license. It includes the latest upgrades, flexible licensing, technical support and more.
  • Desktop Subscription is the subscription offering previously referred to as rental plans. Pay as you go for software on a quarterly or annual basis for greater adaptability and lower up-front investment than a perpetual license.
The Foundry Collectives
Tuesday, 18 February 2014 15:11


The COLLECTIVES are collections of The Foundry’s award winning products for design and media production. The open, future-proof workflow of the Foundry products found in the COLLECTIVES will increase efficiency, productivity, and collaboration opportunities for creative professionals.

Why choose a COLLECTIVE?

- The open, future-proof workflow of The Foundry products will increase efficiency, productivity, and collaboration opportunities for creative professionals.

- Designers and artists creating content for world class still or moving images will find the strongest toolsets available in both the Creation and Production COLLECTIVE as well as the ability to integrate the toolsets into existing pipelines via Python.

- Like the individual The Foundry products included in each COLLECTIVE, product updates, maintenance releases, service packs, support, communication and collaboration for the COLLECTIVES will be offered to our maintenance customers.

Autodesk: Upgrade and save 30%
Thursday, 13 February 2014 15:15

Early next year the Autodesk upgrade policy will change and Autodesk will no longer offer the option to purchase upgrades for any non-current product versions. That means you will need to have an active Subscription in order to get upgrades. Purchasing Autodesk Subscription is the most cost effective way to stay current and competitive in today’s market.

You can prepare for this now by upgrading your previous versions and get them on a Subscription with this special offer:

Get Current:

30% off: Upgrade or Crossgrade - From version 2013-2008.
Add a Subscription with Basic or Advanced Support.

Note: Upgrades from version 2008 are only available until March 31, 2014.

V-Ray 3.0 for 3ds Max available now
Tuesday, 04 February 2014 18:28

This release marks the next step in V-Ray’s overall development, introducing widely acclaimed new features and improvements.

V-Ray 3.0
is the most complete lighting, shading and rendering toolkit, delivering a powerful new set of features focused on artist productivity and modern CG workflows.

Artist-Friendly Controls

Designed with new and experienced users in mind, V-Ray 3.0 offers a simplified user interface with fast access to common settings.

Render set up is now faster and easier with V-Ray 3.0’s Quick Settings. Artists can choose from a variety of production presets and fine tune quality with slider controls. And a new V-Ray Toolbar puts all popular V-Ray tools in one place.



Faster Ray Tracing and Rendering Performance

Optimizations to V-Ray’s ray tracing core make rendering in V-Ray 3.0 significantly faster. Depending on scene complexity beta users are reporting speed increases up to 5X.



Faster Feedback

Using a powerful path-tracing engine, V-Ray 3.0’s new Progressive Image Sampler delivers instant feedback to artists and makes look development faster and more intuitive. An improved V-Ray Frame Buffer adds Lens Effects and advanced color corrections for Contrast, HSL, and Color Balance.




Production-Focused Tools

New tools designed to give artists more controland flexibility include Max Ray Intensity, Probabilistic Light Sampling, Reflection/Refraction Trace Sets, and Render Mask to specify exact render regions with an object selection or image mask.



Advanced Characters and Creatures

Improvements to character and creature workflows include Faster Hair Rendering, Ray Traced Subsurface Scattering, and a new VraySkinMtl shader. MARI UDIM and Autodesk Mudbox UVTILE support have also been added.


For a complete list of features visit - the new home for the V-Ray community.




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